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Further reading, recommended communities and other places to get support and help. 

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  • Leslie McDevitt (2019) Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed, Clean Run. The most recent of the Control Unleashed series and my favourite. This for me is essential reading. It will give you the training tools you need.
  • Sarah Fisher (2007) Unlock your dog’s potential. David and Charles. Sarah’s work has evolved since this but there is still much useful information here on observation as well as TTouch body work and groundwork.
  • Linda Tellington-Jones (2013) Getting in TTouch with your Dog. Quiller Publishing. A very practical introduction to TTouch body work and groundwork with detailed explanations of different techniques.
  • Grisha Stewart (2016) Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0: New practical techniques for fear, frustration and aggression in dogs, Dogwise Publishing. BAT 2.0 is a very helpful protocol which respects the dog and gives structure to a desensitisation process. It includes useful leading techniques influenced by TTouch.
  • Sally Gutteridge (2018) Inspiring resilience in fearful and reactive dogs. Practical and informative, supportive of guardians and focused on science-based, positive solutions.
  • Tracey McLennan (2018) Canine Aggression: Rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindness and compassion, Hubble and Hattie. If you feel you can’t cope with your dog, this book will help. Tracey was a first-time dog guardian when her lovely bullmastiff Calgacus attacked another dog. Their journey to rehabilitation is both informative and inspiring.
  • Patricia McConnell (2017) The Education of Will, Atria. The beautiful story of a dog and his guardian and their intertwined recovery from trauma from a world-renowned behaviourist. Honest, brave and very inspiring.
  • Jay Gurden (2019) Fight or Fright? A reactive dog guardian’s handbook. Another that is sharing experience rather than outlining techniques but no less helpful for that. Very readable and authentic - Jay’s experience will be recognised by us all.
  • Suzanne Clothier (2002) Bones would rain from the sky, Warner Books. One of my all time favourite dog books, focusing on deepening our relationship with our dogs. It will help you understand your dog – and yourself – better.
  • Jane McGonigal (2016), Superbetter: The power of living gamefully, London: Penguin. This book is not about reactivity but it is highly recommended. It is the best self-help book I have ever read but is much more besides that. It will change how you think about the challenges in your life, well beyond reactivity.
  • Reactive Dogs (UK) is a Facebook group for reactive dog guardians based in the UK. If you need support or sound advice to help you move forward, this is a great place to start. Search in Facebook for Reactive Dogs (UK).
  • Dog Training by Kikopup is my go-to channel on YouTube for positive dog training videos. Material is free and reliable. Search on YouTube for Kikopup.
  • TTouch: there are TTouch practitioners around the world so you should be able to get help with TTouch wherever you are. To find your nearest practitioner, check your national TTouch site (Google ‘TTouch’ and your country to find this). Key sites include: (UK, Ireland and some Europe), (US), or (Canada), (South Africa) and (Australia and New Zealand). You can also join the public Facebook group Tellington TTouch Training Club to reach practitioners from around the world.
  • Animal Centred Education (ACE): if you want to learn more about observing your dog and using low impact educational activities to help them become more relaxed and comfortable in different environments, then check out Sarah Fisher’s ACE techniques. A good place to start is the public Facebook group called ACE Connections.

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